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Let’s learn about EccoBike Affiliate program.

Our program encourages EccoBike™ riders and fans to talk and expose our electric bicycles to future customers. The market for electric bikes is expanding rapidly and getting more and more popular.

Having an online store is not always easy presenting our electric bicycles, so we created the Affiliate Program where future potential customers can have on-hand experience with our customers bikes and register affiliates.

Can you be a part of the Affiliate Program?

Yes, anyone can join this program. If you are a current EccoBike owner you will have the advantage of showing the e-bike and share the experience with others. If you don’t own an EccoBike™, no worries, talk about our business with others and ask them to have a look at our website. Either way you win if a sale takes place.

How can I earn money being part of the Affiliate Program?

Already owning an Electric Bike from us? Great, register with us and take 20 minutes to meet potential buyers in your community. You will always be asked on the road or your community how an electrical bicycle works, share your experience with others and maybe invite them to take a test ride with your EccoBike™. Always remember to offer them a bike helmet!

You don’t own an EccoBike? No worries, anyone can join our affiliate program by sharing our story. Is that easy.

In both cases if a potential customer decides to move forward with the purchase you will receive a $100 Thank You payment form EccoBike.

Register below to become an EccoBike™ affiliate:

*$100 cad for Canada and $100 USD for US, no limit on sales

If you are already register please login