The idea of power-assisted cycling seems to annoyed some people. When I promote my e-bikes, I hear: “It’s cheating!” and “The point of cycling is exercise.” It’s not cheating, because nobody is racing, in life is not all about competition, and neither is going to the shops. On an electric bike – you still have to pedal – it’s just that your pedaling can be assisted when the wind is against you or you need help up a hill. Having an e-bike feels like someone is giving you a push through the tricky bits. The rear motor can help you on the flat as well making an electric bike no more dangerous than an ordinary one. They are great for long rides, hilly streets, and allow people to choose this greener form of getting around over a car or public transport when it would not work for them, for whatever reason, to use an ordinary bicycle.

There are many genuine reasons to have an e-bike. Here are some quotes I’ve collected: “Since getting his electric bike my 70-year-old dad has been given a new lease of life”; “I live on the Victoria BC – I’d have to use my car far more often if I didn’t have one”;; “Perfect for our hilly community, is windy today in North Vancouver”; “As an ex-athlete with knackered knees, I need the electric bike for hills I could not otherwise do”; “Very addictive, is the only way I have done my groceries shopping since I switch to an e-bike ”; “If we didn’t have one, we’d have to have two cars”; “I’ve got a hip replacement, and the electric bike means I can get out.”

My own, other, justification for it though is because it’s fun.

Electric bikes aren’t motorbikes or even mopeds — instead, they provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. If you pedal hard, little battery power will be used. As you slow your pace, though, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome little boost! If you do not pedal you stop.
Most e-bikes provide up to 150% of your power with each pedal stroke.
You should still prepare for your time in the saddle, but you’ll have more reward for your efforts.

E-bikes are perfect for:


Couples often want to travel together but are hindered by differing ability levels. Happens one person joint he tour stay in support van or takes public transportation to meet at the day’s destination. Sometimes the less-fit (or less-interested) person try to cycle alongside the enthusiast but ultimately slows down or rides behind the party — with e-bike is altogether another story.

Multi-generation family vacations face the same challenges — the kids or grandparents may not go the same speed or distance as the rest of the family. E-bikes offer a solution for everyone to participate and maintain an enjoyable level of exertion.

People in rehab

Travelers recovering from injuries can still enjoy an active vacation with an electric bike rental. Since they compensate proportionately to your effort, riders in less-than-perfect health receive assistance when necessary or appropriate.

Even avid cyclists or seasoned bike tourists can enjoy the benefits of an e-bike, it happens to have less time to train! This is the solution to join a trip and work out.