1.Faster Travel
In theory, a car can average a high speed, but in practice speed often falls below 20km in busy cities. Congestion was always the problem – motorcycles get around this to some extent, but they’re still confined to the road network. An electric bike can maintain a higher average speed than a bicycle yet takes advantage of the full system of cycle facilities, giving access to routes that cars and motorcycles cannot reach.

2. Electric Bike Fuel Consumption
Electric bikes are the most fuel-efficient mode of transport for everyday use. Typical fuel consumption is 8-16 watt-hours per mile, or something like a tenth as much as a small motorcycle. In old money, that’s the equivalent of 800-2,000mpg.

3. Cover longer distances with less sweet
Have you ever biked to work? Arriving tired, sweaty, and completely out of breath. Using the power of an e-bike can help you get to your destination without looking – you know – as you biked there.

4. High Resale Value
From 1K to 2K, an electric bike costs more than a regular bike, but they tend to hold their value, so you get more of your money back when you move on.

5.Lighter Carbon Footprint
Comparing electric bikes to cars, electrical bicycles emit just 8.1% per passenger, per kilometer, of CO2 that a vehicle spits out. You own an electric bike which means you can take it out without hassles. That shop, at 10-minutes walking distance, will not look away to you just because you don’t want to take the car out of the garage. You can cut down the prices of fuel, servicing, parking, oil, tires, repairs and more. Fuel charges make a significant change in themselves. The only cost you’ll be paying now is for charging batteries, i.e., at least fifty times lesser than fuel price.

Example: If 10% of New York City biked to work once a week they would cut 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

6. E-bikes help to maintain personal mobility, substitute short car journeys and promote health and wellbeing.
A convincing reason for purchasing an e-bike is a personal sense of weakening in physical ability often brought about by a health condition.

Those who used a conventional bicycle for most of their journeys before purchasing an e-bike regarded e-biking as a solution to maintaining their cycling.

Using an e-bike brings benefits to health and wellbeing as e-biking can replace and can provide opportunities to cycle for journeys that would not have otherwise been contemplated by pedal cycle because of journey distance.

The e-bike also provides the opportunity to complete more activities in the same period, whether escorting children, running errands to the shops, or creating more leisure time, for example going on recreational rides in the countryside.

E-biking will allow you to maintain or increase your level of personal fitness even in cases where conventional pedal cycling had been reduced. The e-bike is extensively considered as a tool for continuing to cycle and therefore to keep active, and more than that, to increase the frequency and range of cycling activity.