Bicycles have become quite the more preferred mode of transportation nowadays. This is more applicable to those people who do not want be the trouble and stress that comes with owning a car. With bicycles, you can still go from one place to another, all the while saving the environment and improving your health.

But, the real question here is “why would anyone want an electric bike?” We’ve got those answers here for you. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of an electric bike, things you should consider before buying one, what the best e-bikes in the market are and more.

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Benefits of an Electric Bike

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These are the reasons why someone would want to buy an electric bike.

Go farther, ride longer

Compared to regular bikes, an electric bike allows you to go farther in your destination. Electric bikes are able to travel long distances for a longer period of time. Furthermore, electric bikes are even more powerful than cars. In Vancouver, you can go up to 40 km/h riding an electric bike, while the average speed of a car is 30 km/h in downtown!

Save money on gas    

To state the obvious, you can definitely save money on gas because electric bikes run on, well, electricity. The increasing prices of fuel don’t have to worry you any more. Don’t fret about the cost of charging your electric bike, either. A fully charged electric bike will last you for days and miles. Plus, you will also save money on parking fees, car maintenance and more!

Helping save the environment

Opting to ride an electric bike every day to school or bike is one way to that you get to help save the environment. Compared to cars and motorcycles, an electric bike allows for a clean, green, no-petrol transportation alternative. As a matter of fact, electric bikes usually consume fuel at an average rate of 100 to 150 watts of electrical energy compared to 15,000 or so for a car.

Help you stay fit

Much like riding a regular bike, electric bikes also help you stay fit. This is because the longer you ride, the longer you get to pedal too. Yes, you might be getting help from that electric motor but that doesn’t mean you are not exerting blood, sweat, and tears as well. Biking gives numerous health benefit such as reduced stress levels, normal blood pressure, and stronger heart and lungs.

Safer than regular bikes

This is a huge difference between electric bikes and regular bikes. Electric bikes tend to be safer than the regular ones because the motor will help you accelerate out of the danger zone faster. More and more bike accidents happen every day and they usually take place at junctions such as crossroads or roundabouts. This is often due to the fact that it takes a few vital seconds for a ceased cyclist to start up speed again. Moreover, because you’ll be able to keep up with the flow of traffic more easily, fewer cars, buses and bug trucks won’t have to overtake you.

No registration needed

Unlike other motorized modes of transportation, electric bikes don’t need registration, insurance or license plates to get you going on them. So, if you need a safer and easy alternative to cars then an electric bike is perfect for you. All you need is just an actual bike and you are good to go!

No fear of hills

Hills are daunting when regular biking. One of the greatest advantages of an electric bike over regular bikes is that you can go over a hill without breaking a sweat. The battery and motor make it easier to conquer hill by increasing your climbing speed. Say goodbye to your fear of hills!

It’s fun!

Electric bikes are, without a doubt, super fun to use! You get the same benefits and more compared to a regular bike plus it will get you further.


Things you should before buying an e-bike

Now, that you have decided to buy an electric bike, these are the things to consider before buying one.

  •         The main use of your electric bike
  •         The kind of environment you‘ll have to “bike” through
  •         Motor mount
  •         Bike battery
  •         The range of your battery
  •         Budget and costs

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Best EccoBike™ Models

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EccoBike™ Nashorn

The Nashorn has 750W BAFANG™ Brushless rear drive gear motor, LCD display, Big-Stone™ C600E with USB Output and a 48V 13Ah Samsung™ Lithium battery. We take pride in this being one of the most powerful, full suspension performance electronic bike packed with top of the line specifications.

EccoBike™ Gazelle

The gazelle has 250W BAFANG™ Brushless rear drive gear motor, Front and Rear LED lights Spanninga™ and a 36V 11Ah Samsung™ Lithium battery. This one would definitely stand out in a crowd of electronic bikes because of its svelte lightweight aluminum frame.

We have so much more models to offer you! So, if you are looking to buy your first electronic bike or want to add another gem to your collection, we can definitely guide you through the process. We aim to stay true to our tagline and make you believe that no destination is out of reach with electronic bikes.