Gazelle Lock and Key Mechanism

This Key mechanism fits the EccoBike™ Gazelle battery lock. Please confirm with us prior to ordering if you are unsure.

Installation difficulty: normal


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This Key mechanism fits the EccoBike™ Gazelle battery lock. Please confirm with us prior to ordering if you are unsure.

Installation difficulty: normal

Like any other electronic devices, laptops and mobile phones we advise to charge the battery every night after you cycle so you are fully charged the next day.

Under Canadian law our e-bikes have to cut out at 32km. However, when not using the motor and/or free-wheeling you can go faster if you wish.


You don’t need a driver’s licence or need to register, licence and /or insure your e-bike, but you are subject to the same rights and duties as a driver of a motor vehicle. You also must follow bicycle safety rules. Must wear a bike helmet.


None required. Insurance may be available under a homeowner’s policy.

Our batteries will charge from empty to full in just 4 to 5 hours. But don’t worry. You can top-off your lithium-ion batteries at any time without hurting the battery.


EccoBike™ e-bikes are equipped with both a throttle and a PAS (pedal assist). You can use either system to control the speed of the electric motor. If you want to cruise without pedaling the twist throttle can be used, or, if you enjoy pedaling and if you want to feel more like you are riding a regular bike you can use the pedal sensor by entering one of the 6 levels of pedal assist.

We recommend that you should service your bike once a year. Remember to charge your battery after every use.

Before cleaning your e-bike it’s good practice to remove your battery first. The cleaning process is just like cleaning a regular push bike. It’s best to use a bike cleaner or just a warm damp cloth.

Be careful to avoid the electrics & battery terminals. Never use a high-pressure cleaner to wash your electronic bike, it could damage the electronics and never fully submerge your electric bicycle.

You can expect your battery to last about 2-4 years or approximately 800 charging cycles to get at 80% of the battery lifespan. Lithium batteries usually don’t just stop working altogether, what happens is they gradually lose their capacity over time. To prolong the life of your battery it’s suggested that you avoid discharging it completely, and to make sure that you charge it at least once every couple of months. When you aren’t using it, we advise you to store it inside or at room temperature as fluctuations in temperature, cold or heat will damage the battery.

Yes, you can ride you e-bike in the rain, all of our models are water resistant. We don’t suggest storing the e-bike outside when it rains,as with any electric devices, use with extra caution, If the controller or battery gets wet, it could cause problems with the performance.


Shipping in Canada:

We ship all over  Canada for just for $9.99 CAD.

For shipping, we use Day and Ross that delivers our bikes to your home or business. Depends on the delivery location, you might have to go to one of Day and Ross’s terminals or nearest city for pick up.

Our electricals bikes are delivered fully assembled and pre-inspected, all you need to install is the front wheel, pedal, and saddle. Its recommended that you fully charge the battery before its first use.

Shipping in the USA:

We ship to the US from our location in Bellingham WA for just 49.00 USD.

Our electricals bikes are delivered fully assembled and pre-inspected, all you need to install is the front wheel, pedal, and saddle. Its recommended that you fully charge the battery before its first use.

Every EccoBike is covered under our manufacturer’s one-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. EccoBike warrants his products, including all individual components against defects in material or workmanship as follows:

EccoBike Limited 1-year warranty:

EccoBike e-bikes components including frame, forks, stem, handlebar, headset, seat post, saddle, brakes, lights, bottom bracket, crankset, pedals, rims, wheel hub, freewheel, cassette, derailleur, shifter, motor, throttle, controller, wiring harness, LCD display, kickstand, reflectors and hardware are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects materials and/or workmanship for a 1-year period from the date of original purchase. Wear and tear is not covered under warranty. All our batteries are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a 1-year period from the date of original purchase. The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuses, normal wear or water damage.

You can report any Issues via the website, our phone number  or e-mail contact@eccobike.ca

If a component is defective or damaged without user error we will issue a replacement part within the first year. We will assist you in replacing any defective part. We will also replace any parts that have been damaged during shipping. We will provide the owner with a replacement product if the product cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of tries as determined by EccoBike.

EccoBike terms of the warranty

This warranty only applies to the original owner of an EccoBike. If you need any adjustment on those etc., then we ask you to visit your local bike shop.

We are willing to provide you with best in class warranty service and support. Please keep in mind that our help desk is never more than an email or a phone call away: contact@eccobike.ca


  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper assembly
  • Improper follow-up maintenance
  • Installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect

All Water damage and batteries that have been left to self-discharge for an extended period of time are not covered by the terms of the warranty.

This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear components (i.e.: tubes, tires, brake pads, cables, chain, freewheel, derailleur, crank arm, grips and saddle).

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 15 reviews

All I can say is wow 🤩 this e-bike is much more than I expected super easy to assemble 750 watt 40
Kilometers per hour duel suspension and the (Power) just got back from a snowy 20 kilometer ride Christmas came early for me big thanks to Sabastian who always answered the phone.
I live in Québec and got it in 5 days to my door Right on Ecco bikes you are really awesome

Awsome bike

Great value for money.Best price/quality on the market. Fast delivery. Not happy with the asembly instructions.

by Jonathan Casson TORONTO on EccoBike - Live in the New E-bike Era
Fast Deliver

Fast delivery to Toronto, good customer service, I compare this company with Spark Bikes USA, better than average quality on parts. The bike is easy to asemble, no parts missing, very powerful motor. Its a joyride to work evrey day.


I purchase this in July, came as promised in a few days. The bike feels and rides awesome. I was concern with the weight in the begining, not a problem when the motor is launching 80Nm of torque. I higly recommend this bike

by Mark During Toronto on EccoBike - Live in the New E-bike Era
Great Bike, well build.

This bike is awsome, feels very well build and comfortable to ride, like the previous model. I ride on both, gravel and asphalt. I own a 2018 model that I gave to my son-in-law, the new updates come in handy on this 2019 model. I like the new stem, keeps my back strait. I wish they make them in a smaller size, so I can get one for my wife. Thank you Eccobike for this awsome deal.

Fun Fun!!!

Awesome bike, lots of fun! I was afraid that the bike weight will reduce performance, I am 250 pounds, the motor its really powerful, beyond expectations.

by Tom Lindfield Manitoba on EccoBike - Live in the New E-bike Era
Very Powerful Bike

I received my Nashorn White in good condition, the delivery guy was really helpful and assist with caring for the bike in my garage. I wish there will be more information on how to put this bike together, took me 1h to assemble, no missing parts. The bike has amazing torque, It's my first electrical bicycle and I can't believe how great the rides are. I never had a Fattire bike before, the rides on gravel are awesome.

My go-to outdoor bike!

I wanted a bike with a fat tires that could fit in my car so I can go for a ride easily after work. A friend suggested this, so I bought one for myself. Ever since I bought the nashorn, outdoor biking has never been the same!!

ready to explore more trails

If you use a fat bike that is as powerful as this one, you can explore more trails and go further than before. Cheers to new adventures!!

Switched from my mountain bike

I used to ride using my mountain bike but I was told that using a fat tire bike, specifically the Nashorn, would make beaten paths easier to go through. Can't imagine life before this fat bike anymore. good job, eccobike!!